Our Vehicles

  • FROM AIRPORT/ Transfers or Charter rates available.

    First class service to major aiports and Private FBO Jet centers.  Providing Meet and greet service and added asstinace upon your Request.

  • TO AIRPORT as Tansfer of 2hr. charter.

    First class Premium Service from your requested destination  Airport , Fbo, or lake and sea ports.   


    Arrange Set pick up and Set drop off times assuming no wait time or additional stops receive and accurate quote.


    Charters are based on a 2 hour Min.  Larger vehicle can be 3-4 hours depending on transportation  requests.

First Class Limousine, Inc.  takes pride in transporting the BEST because You are the Best!!!
With over 30 years in the business we developed the wisdom and experience to meet the needs of our customers.  All drivers are back ground and drugtest.  Also we require a minumium of 5 year comercial drivers experience with no Moving violations within 18 month for new hires.  Your safty and piece of mind is our number one priority.

First Class the Stanley Cup, coach and players

Contact us

  • Toll Free: 888-325-2778 Chicago : 773-769-6976   South Florida: 305-349-3180

  • Web: www.first-class-limo.com

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